Das UwP Magazine für September & Oktober

Avatar UWFotonet | 17. Oktober 2023

Die neuste Ausgabe des UwP Magazine ist für September und Oktober erschienen. Das UwP134 ist vollgepackt mit den neuesten Nachrichten über Unterwasser-Fotoausrüstung, Rezensionen, Tauchplatzberichten und Fotoportfolios sowie Tipps für bessere Bilder.

Inhaltsangabe (extern)

UwP134 · Sep/Oct 2023

  • The grass is always greener eventually, Strobes, Sync cords, Smartphones

News, Travel & Events  

  • Brian Skerry: The Sentient Sea
  • Sperm whales, Dominica
  • Underwater Video Academy with Matthias Lebo
  • Underwater Photography Workshop Little Cayman Beach Resort

New Products 

  • Marelux Apollo strobes
  • AOI 8 inch acrylic dome
  • Isotta Canon EOS R6 Underwater Housing
  • Sea & Sea YS-D3 DUO
  • Ikelite 200DL Housing for Fujifilm X-T5
  • 360 Observe
  • Sea&Sea Sony Alpha Universal Housing Compatible with a7R Mark V
  • Inon S-220 strobe
  • The Camera Mat
  • Godox WT25R RGB Dive Tube Light
  • Hands On With Reef: SmallHD Ultra 5 & Nauticam NA-Ultra 5
  • SeaLife Color Filters for SportDiver Smartphone Housing
  • Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing KRH08 V2
  • HotDive Universal Smart Phone Housing H2 Pro with Depth Sensor
  • Sea Mammals: The Past and Present Lives
  • Last Signed Copies of GALÁPAGOS


  • 2023 Digital Shootout by Under Exposures

Equipment reviews


  • Raymond Wennekes by Peter Rowlands


  • Different in Anda by Nigel Marsh
  • Diving Malpelo by Massimo Franzese
  • Freediving Maolboal by Nicholas Kouvaras

My Shot/s

  • by David Fleetham & Mariana Rodriguez

Marshall’s Mysteries 11

  • by Colin Marshall

Parting Shots

  • by John Horn & Atilla Kaszo

Written by UWFotonet